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We bring you the best of conventional and complementary medicines.

Neurology Services
Acupuncture Services

It is our goal to provide quality neurology and acupuncture services to our patients in the Puget Sound area and beyond. Our office is located in Burien, WA.

Our Services

We integrate acupuncture into our neurology practice to elevate patient-care to a new level.


We offer a full spectrum of neurological services for adults, including consultation, diagnostic testing and evaluation (EEG, EMG, and aEEG), treatment through prescription medication, and ongoing care. Many neurological disorders are covered.


Acupuncture is applied to address a variety of neurological issues. Furthermore, it is used to treat other healthcare conditions and maintain patients’ overall well-being.

How it Works



Before booking an appointment with us make sure you obtain a referral from a primary care doctor.


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Call or send us a message through our contact form to schedule an appointment. Our typical response time to emails is 1 – 3 business days.


See you soon!

We look forward to seeing you in person! See our FAQs page for what to expect at an initial appointment.

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From our patient’s perspective

I was overjoyed to be told that a neurologist in our medical plan also practiced acupuncture. Dr. Zhao completely wants to help her patients and makes each patient feel cared for and understood. I feel blessed that we found Dr. Joy Zhao, whose training and experience in the field of neurology gives her the medical knowledge. For those of us who have had first-hand experience with the positive results, we are very, very grateful Dr. Zhao is there!

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